Maya Bay: The beach nobody can touch – BBC Data

Maya Bay: The beach nobody can touch – BBC Data

Within the 1990s a film crew determined that Maya Bay, on the island of Phi Phi Leh in southern Thailand, became the extra or much less heaven-on-earth idyll the place aside a community of oldsters who wanted to rebuild society from scratch might resolve.

The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, became released in the One year 2000. Basically based on the book by Alex Garland, it tells the account of a backpacker’s gaze for a legendary beach untouched by tourism. Obviously things flip sour in paradise.

Since then this tiny, but now iconic, strip of sand has topped bucket lists of oldsters spherical the sector consumed by wanderlust.

Already excessive, the amount of vacation makers to the distance seen an overwhelming spike in 2016 when Chinese tourists started coming in gargantuan numbers

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